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Service and Maintenance

At Cianci Construction, we have established a reputation for providing an expertly built product. It gives us great pleasure when we are told by our clients and their friends that our project have the fewest number of service requests of projects that they have been involved with or have experienced.

However, if an unforeseen event occurs and a property or project needs service after turn-over Cianci Construction will continue to monitor projects through the warranty period and will provide prompt service when called to ensure our client’s satisfaction.



Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance

One of the most important phases of a project is Maintenance.

Many people do not consider this to be a phase, part of the project, or part of anything!

The building is expected to run itself, why not it, it’s new! It should be considered in the design development process and a phase in the building construction process. In the Design development phase, product selections should be based upon life expectancy, maintenance requirements, and costs. In the construction phase, monies should be allocated to cover the initial related costs to service and test as per the manufactures specifications and recommendations.


These costs in a commercial property will be considered an operating expense and a residential property will be considered up keep or home improvements after the project is completed.


What is the difference between the following two scenarios?

1. A very well designed and constructed building with fine detailing that is poorly maintained.

2. A poorly designed and poorly constructed with bad detailing but is well maintained.


Almost nothing!


 A well maintained building that is constructed poorly has just a good of chance as lasting as long as a building that is built well but not maintained. But the cost to maintain the poorly constructed building compared to maintaining a well built building will be much higher over time.


The best scenario is a well designed building constructed with proper detailing that is well maintained!


Maintenance should and needs to be considered part of the building design. Selecting improper materials and poor products will ultimately add to the maintenance cost and shortly the longevity of the building.


Maintenance is like a tree!

Once the tree is planted it is expected to grow by itself and when it dies the question is asked, “Why, why did the tree die?” Like the tree needing water, minerals and sunlight to survive, your building needs the a/c filters changed, the exterior painted, windows caulked, the roof inspected, the systems reviewed. Without maintenance your building is set on the same course as the tree that gets no water. The economic investment is much more than the tree, but not time. The time is same for both.


Maintenance is typically not expensive nor hard to complete, it just needs to be completed regularly.


Maintenance is one of the many services that Cianci Construction provides to allow our clients to gain the value of the initial investment made and to enjoy the structure for many years.


By providing Maintenance Services utilizing our extensive subcontractor network allows us to:

  • See the results of time, and how time has affected the installed products in varying conditions.
  • Observe the properties we built directly.
  • Observe the properties we service but did not build.


We utilize the information gathered to help our current and future clients make the best decisions for selecting the right product that provides the best value initially and over time.

We look forward to setting up a service maintenance contract to allow you to enjoy you building!