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Owner Representative

Owner's Representative

Unlike a General Contractor or Design Professional whose fiduciary responsibility is to their employer, an owner's representative is an extension of the owner and solely represents the owner's interest.


The benefits of hiring an owners representative usually outweigh negative costs of this additional team member through cost and time savings implemented throughout the project.


Simple stated, an owner's representative is an extension of you and solely represents your interest. The capacity and level of involvement is something that is determined by your needs and wants. Some owner's prefer to be heavily involved while others like to view the project once completed. We believe the answer lies in the middle, this will allow you to keep a pulse on the project to make the important decisions and not to get involved in the daily process and means of construction.


Our experience, education, and training all lend well to represent you and your organization, and to act on your behalf using an educated, realistic, team approach plan.


The primary benefits of utilizing Cianci Construction's Services are:

  • Unbiased opinion and presentation of facts
  • Review of project information such as plans, contracts, schedules.
  • Cost savings comparisions presented with impact on project
  • Analysis of construction means and methods to determine most cost effective path
  • Adjust design prior to completion of plans
  • No financial gain costs for services not based upon project costs
  • Improved contract to bid negotiations
  • Development and implementation of a responsibility matrix
  • Conduct design review meetings
  • Review progress and construction drawings for errors and discipline coordination
  • Schedule Developmment, monitoring, and updating
  • Value Engineering analysis
  • Selection of finish materials and products
  • Purchasing of long lead items
  • Coordinate and facilitate storage of purchased items
  • Assist and coordinate move-in
  • Unpack, hang and install delivered items


All the above can be yours or parts and pieces, its up to you how much or how little you use our services.